Entity In My Room Dream

My eyes opened just as if I were waking up in the middle of the night. I rolled my eyes around panning my room and I realized something was wrong. I could not move. I was completely paralyzed. I could only open and close my eyes. At this point I realized I was not really awake. I was only awake in my dream and all I wanted to do was wake up for real but I couldn’t. I didn’t know how.

My initial thought was to close my eyes and maybe I would wake up. So, I closed my eyes. When I opened them I was completely terrified as to what I was seeing. A tall black entity was standing in my doorway and I knew it was staring at me. Deep down I knew this was only a dream but it was so real. Then it slowly moved to the foot of my bed as I watched it with my eyes because my whole body was paralyzed. When it stopped at the foot of my bed I closed my eyes and tried to wake up.

I began to open my eyes just enough so I could peer through my eyelids but I was not awake yet. The entity was grabbing my feet and it started to pull my feet up into the air. Since I was paralyzed, I could only see this, I did not feel anything. At this moment when my legs were about 3 feet off my bed I felt a heavy pressing on my chest and I could not breathe. Now I was paralyzed and could not breathe. I shut my eyes again, this time trying to focus all my efforts on breathing.

Then all of a sudden, my upper body re gained movement. Immediately I sat up throwing both my fists at the entity and opened my eyes. The entity was gone but my legs were still paralyzed and I fell forward, face first off my bed. When I hit the floor I was paralyzed all over again and only my eyes could open and close to see what was going on. I looked around for the entity in the direction my head was facing but saw nothing. A few seconds went by and I began moving. The entity must have came back because I was being dragged. I was dragged into the hallway and left there still paralyzed. I began to try and call out for help.

I was in a position in the hallway where I could see down it to my brothers room. I tried calling out “help, help” but it was all in my head. No words actually came out of my mouth cause I was still paralyzed. Then I saw the light go on in my brothers room. Then the light in the hallway. He stomped out of his room and started walking down the hall towards me. Each step sounded like a T-rex stomp without the whole shaking part. I thought he was coming to help but when he got to the bathroom he stopped and went in. When he was done he stomped back to his room as if I was not laying there in the middle of the hallway. When all the lights were off once again I closed my eyes. This time when I opened them I had woken up in real life.

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