Lights Out Obstacle Course Dream

I find myself running through an obstacle course inside of a school. The school was not familiar to me but it had long halls and low ceilings. There were blow up obstacles to jump over, wooden structures to crawl under and over, and the walls had rock climbing hooks and grasps on them. I was running as fast as I could to get through the course as fast as possible in order to beat the handful of other people competing around me.

I remember coming to, and running through a set of doors which lead to the gym. The end of the course was in the center of the gym. There was a big blow up castle with a ball inside it. Whoever grabbed the ball first won the obstacle course. I leaped through the entrance to the blow up castle and grabbed the ball. I had won! I was so pumped I was cheering and screaming. Then, I was transported to the school lobby.

As I was still screaming and cheering from winning, I then realized I had been somehow teleported back to the school lobby where the start of the obstacle course was. I looked around and there was a bunnch of people ready for their shot at the course. I saw my friend Shawn and he saw me cheering because I had won. He looked angry and then walked over to me. He was yelling about something. I could not understand what he was saying so I threw the ball I had gotten from winning at his head. It bounced of and came right back to me and I caught it. Now he was furious. I threw the ball at his head and again it came back and I caught it. This time when I caught it, he started to chase me.

I ran straight into the obstacle course and Shawn came right in after me. I ran through the obstacles and once again came running into the gym where the obstacle course ended. Shawn was right behind but I was able to get into the bouncy blow up castle and grab the ball first. I went to turn around to see if he was still there. Before I could turn around I was again teleported away. This time I was at a friends house. Sarah’s house.

I went into the kitchen and Sarah’s friend Sarah was also there. The looked at me and said, “that was quick”. Confused I asked them what they meant. They told me I had just gotten back from the bathroom. Now I was even more confused than before. Somehow, I had just been teleported into a house from some school. They thought I just went to the bathroom. I laughed it off and played along. Then it was time to go. They said it was time to go for a walk. It was around midnight and the moon was full.

We exited the front door and started walking. As we walked the moon somehow got dimmer and dimmer until it was pitch black outside. I could not hear or see anything. I started calling out for either Sarah but there was no response from either of them. I was walking very slowly like when it is pitch dark and you can’t even see a foot in front of you. I had my arms out in front of me feeling for anything or anyone. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone. I turned on the light. Just then, Sarah came running up to me and told me Sarah was gone. I frantically flashed my light around. We were inside a parking ramp. We started walking up the circular ramp which takes cars up and down the ramp. I was calling for Sarah but she was not responding. Sarah told me it was pointless and we should be quiet.

We made it up a few levels. I was still flashing my light around when I tripped and fell. Sarah ran over and helped me up. When I fell, the light on my phone went off. I got down and felt around for my phone. I found it quickly and turned the light back on. I flashed it around making sure Sarah was still there. We then went up one more level and we were on the roof of the ramp because there was no more ceiling. After flashing my light up to the sky, I flashed it back down in front of me and froze. Sarah grabbed my arm and told me it was time to go. I had seen a group of guys running at us and they looked very angry. We turned, started running, and my light went out.

We paused for a second. I whispered calling out for Sarah but there was no response. I started reaching my hands out to feel around me. I felt someone. Assuming it was Sarah I pulled her towards me telling her we had to run. My light flashed on for a second, then off again. The person I grabbed was not Sarah. I saw Sarah when the light flashed on. She was standing 10 yards behind the person I grabbed. She looked over at the light when it flashed on. She screamed “Nooo” as the person I had grabbed started dragging me away. Then I woke up.

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