Initiation Mission Dream

I find myself waking up in the middle of the night breathing heavily. I am in a cabin at a retreat for grown ups in the middle of the woods. Laura is still sleeping and I decide I need to get some fresh air so I go outside. Outside there are a handful of cabins lined up in a half circle formation right up against a wall of tall forest. I step out onto the cabin deck and walk down to the center of the cabins and notice another large guy is out smoking on his deck. It is the last cabin in the half circle and is right up against the forest wall. I walk over to him and he says “you can’t sleep either?”. I nod, he smiles, and then behind his cabins deck in the forest I see something. Maybe 20 feet away. A black shadow man with red eyes standing on the edge of the forest. He seemed to be frozen and was staring right at me. I asked the guy if he saw this and when he turned around to look the shadow man was gone.

I rushed back to the cabin and woke up Laura telling her we needed to go for a walk. She was confused but agreed and we outside and started walking along the path in the forest. I did not tell her what I saw and after a few minutes of walking I briefly saw the shadow man again along the right side of the path. I saw him slip into the forest like in the movie Signs when the alien disappears into the corn fields. I ask Laura if she saw it but before she could respond I had already began to run up ahead and cut into the forest where I thought I saw him disappear. I get about 5 yards into the forest and stop dead in my tracks. The shadow man is right in front of me. Staring at me and I at him. My flight instinct kicks in but I can’t move. I begin to hear this deep humming noise and as I try harder to move the humming gets louder and louder. I wake up to myself heavily breathing and Laura asking if I was alright.

We get up for the day as it was morning now. Outside other couples are outside talking and eating at the picnic tables. I find the guy that was outside smoking earlier that night and ask him about what happened and he looked at me like I was crazy. He then told me he had a mission for me. I had to go get someone and bring them to a facility. He handed me a MAC-11 sub machine gun and gave me an address. So, I grabbed Laura and told her we had a mission. We hopped in my GTO and started driving. I was the driver and Laura was in the back seat.

We pulled up to this guys house not to far away in a very suburban neighborhood. I walked up to the door and knocked. The guy opened the door and before I could say anything he said “I know why you are here”. Then proceeded to try and run but stopped when I pointed my gun at him. I told him to get in the car and drive. I held the gun at him in the passengers side while he drove the car and Laura was in the back.

We followed the directions to the facility and pulled into the parking lot. The facility was massive and looked like area 51. I gave Laura the gun and told here to watch him while I went inside. When I got inside the facility I was surprised because it looked like I just walked into a Star Wars movie and was on the Republic Fleet just like in the video game. I then heard a voice over the fleet telling me I was being summoned. I was teleported 3 floors up right above the center where it appeared the bad guys had control. There were 5 bad guys. The bad guys were not aware we were up top and could see them.

I jumped down along with one other who was up there with me. We took out the guy we landed behind who appeared to be their leader and the rest gave up immediately. I notice something odd. There was a snowman sitting next to a jukebox across the room by one of the other bad guys. The guy I was with thought it would be fun to play a game. He filled a ziploc bag with hot water, made it hover above the snowman and said the first to hit and break the bag wins. We stood back by the leader we had captured and each made a bunch of snowballs. We took turns throwing snowballs at the bag but it was not going to break. I then got a phone call from Laura telling me she needed help outside.

I ran outside and into the car. As I got in the car the man reached for a concealed pistol, opened the drive side door and rolled out. Laura fired a round off but missed. At the same time I rolled out the passengers side and he fired at me. He missed and I told Laura to throw me the gun. She also rolled out her door and passed me the gun. By this time the guy was back in the car and hitting reverse.

As he backed out of the parking space he fired shots at us and I returned fire. Instead of driving off, he came back down the next isle over in the parking lot and fired at us some more. I returned fire and we dove in between cars for cover once again. I could see him turning around at the end and he was going to come back for another pass. I jumped to one side of the isle and Laura was on the other. I figured he could not shoot both sides at once. When he got close to the cars we were hiding between we both leaped out. Caught off guard I got my gun right on his head and he had no choice but to give up.

He got out of the car and with my gun to his back I told him to walk to the gate of the facility.  It was a huge chain link fence with a wide sliding gate that appeared to enclose the whole facility. We walked right up to the gate and it appeared no one was anywhere to be seen. I called out telling the facility I brought them their man and I was on a mission a few times with no response.

Then, out of nowhere, a large man, smoking, rises from the grass in a full camo uniform. It was the same man from the cabin that gave me the mission. Then, a bunch of other people rise from grass in the same way. It is all the other couples from the retreat. The man simply looks at me and tells me I passed the initiation test. Then I woke up.

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