The One, 24 Hour Survival Dream

The dream stared off in the mall of america. I was with a group of friends at a drawing in which we all had entered for our chance to win. What was the drawing? It was a chance to be selected as “The One” and survive as “The One” for 24 hours. This drawing was held once a year and “The One” was instantly famous. The catch, survive as “The One” for 24 hour, literally. Once “The One” was drawn from millions of names, anyone who killed that person would take over as “The One” and whoever was “The One” at 7 the next morning, 24 hours after the drawing, would be rich taking the 100 million dollar purse.

It was 7am and a group of friends and myself were on the second floor of the mall of america along with thousands of other anxious people hanging over the railings of the circular stage area. The MC walked over to the computer and pressed “Go”. The names flashed on the screen like a spinner and then started to get slower and slower until it stopped on one name, my name. The person who gets drawn does not have to come forth, they simply have to survive. I looked around, my friends and myself could not believe it! I was chosen. Being my good friends, we all agreed not to kill each other of course. If one of us got selected we would split the purse and just try to help each other survive. As everyone around me started to google my name, my friends and I began to make our way out of the mall as our 24 hours of survival had already started.

As we started to make our way out, I recognized Tyler who was about a hundred yards in front of us so I quickly ducked into an arcade to avoid him along with my friends. We decide to stay for a bit and start playing games. I walk over to a skee ball like game and ran into Jenna. The game is like skee ball but without a cage so you can literally throw the balls into the holes if you want. There were 3 rings, 1 point for the outer ring, 2 points for the middle ring, and 3 points for the hole in the very middle. I started playing as Jenna watched. I made 4 into the 3 point hole all in a row. Then I grabbed the next ball to attempt 5 in a row. By this time, our cheering, Jenna and myself, had gathered a crowd and everyone was cheering me on. I threw the next ball and it went right in the 3 point hole. Everyone was yelling and cheering, I had completely forgot I was selected as “The One” and could be killed by anyone who wanted my spot. I then picked up and threw the next ball, my last shot before the game was over. Sadly I missed and everyone went back to playing there own games. I then gather my friends and we decide to leave and try to get back to exiting the building.

We set out back into the mall toward the exit. I recognize another person we need to avoid so we duck into the nearest store. The store turns out to sell Halloween costumes. I immediately decide to get a big hat so I am harder to recognize. I turn down the isle and I see Tyler again with Aaron. Immediately I grab and put on a big foam hat and squat down pretending to be interested in something on a lower shelf and wait for them to pass behind me. Thankfully they passed and headed out of the store. I bought the hat and then we left the store.

Outside the store someone yelled and pointed me out as “The One”. Their group of friends immediately pulled out bows and started firing at me. Unarmed, we took off in the opposite direction. After not to long, we found a weapons shop and went inside. We raided the place taking anything we needed. I grabbed a small knife, sword, and a bow. Once everyone had some sort of weapon, it was time to get back out and defend ourselves. I ran out and shot some arrows. A few of my friends around me got hit with some arrows and we had to leave them behind. We kept on making our way toward the exit as arrows were flying around us. One arrow went right through part of my loose clothing right before we got to the exit. When we got to the exit, we opened the doors and kept through them. Closing them quickly behind us. There were 4 of us total that got to the exit.

The exit doors closed and the 4 of us were now in a room. The exit doors were at our backs and an elevator was in front of us. I called for the elevator as we discussed our next move. 2 of my friends said they would stay behind to hold off the attackers while 1 came with me as my personal body guard. The elevator arrived and my bodyguard and I entered. I told the 2 staying behind to meet us at the safe house. My friend in the elevator told me we had to go to the basement to be safe so I hit the “B” button once inside the elevator.

Ding. The elevator had reached the basement and the doors began to open. My body guard told me to wait while he made sure it was clear. I waited and heard him take out a few guards then called me over. The two guards were guarding a door which was shut. We tried to pry it open and with both of us pulling got the doors open just enough for me to slip through. Right after I slipped through the door slammed shut. The room I was standing in now was circular and about 20-30 feet in diameter. After looking around a bit the floor started to rise. I looked up and realized I was on an elevator. Looking up I could see only darkness, it was a huge elevator. A few minutes went by and I could start to see light, the elevator was getting close to the top.

When the elevator came to a stop at the top, I was surprised to find myself inside a huge mansion house where there was a party going on. Even though I had just made this big entrance on a circular elevator, none of the hundred or so people seemed to even notice. As I did a 360 spin to see the whole party, they just kept on drinking, talking, and dancing. The room I had come into was comparable to a 2 story nightclub and the elevator had taken me right up to the first floor. I started walking and made my way up the staircase to the second floor. I am not quite sure who’s party this is so I start to look around for anyone I know. I walk into the first room on the second floor and there is a bunch of people chilling on couches, talking, drinking, not paying me much attention. I thought to myself “none of these people at the party must know about me being the one which is great!” I then walk over to this huge window in the room and look outside. I notice 3 cop cars pull up to the house. Immediately I know they are looking for me. Somehow they tracked me from the mall of america to here. Then I woke up.

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