Flooding Mall Dream

My dream began in a classroom. This was no ordinary classroom. I think it was an architects school because it was like we were inside a well designed house. It was about the size of a basketball court and lined with clean white tables and chairs. The walls on all four sides were glass. The ceiling was high up at about three stories with clean metal looking beams holding it up. I was seated in the front row at the far end on the left side. There were four rows of tables that took up the whole classroom.

We had just sat back down after a break. It was about noon, the sun was shining bright without a cloud in the sky, and the room was so bright. The teacher got back a few minutes later and began to look around the room. Turned out it was not the room the teacher was looking around at, it was outside. We all begin to look around and notice that the sky is getting really dark. In seconds there is a thunderstorm and visibility is a few because of how heavy the rain is coming down. A screen at the front comes on and says, “There is a national emergency. This is not a test.” and then it blinks out. Everyone begins filing out of the room and leaving, my friends tell me they will meet me at the meet up point and we all break once we get out of the classroom.

I immediately head for my car in the down pouring rain. I get in, start it, and drive to the mall nearest to me. I figure the mall was higher up and it would not flood as fast. I am driving my red Audi A4 but it is a convertible. I left it parked with the top up as I always do because I don’t want anyone in my car. I remember drifting a few corners on the way to the mall. When I finally got there, I drove my car right through the doors of a mall entrance and parked inside of the mall. I figured it would be sheltered from the storm and flood inside of the mall.

I got out of my car and began running around the mall. Water was dripping from the ceiling, lights were flickering, a few people were rummaging through a few different stores, and the sound system was cutting in and out. The meet up point was not at this mall, it was at the second mall. I only stopped at this mall because it was closer, higher, and on the way. I decided I needed to go to the meetup point as I knew my friends and family would be there as well. I ran out the back of the mall and to my surprise, the rain had stopped. So, I ran into the woods behind the mall.

Running through the woods I noticed others were running as well. Somehow instantly, we all knew it was a race. We all race through the woods. After a few minutes of running I was the first to come upon this cliff. Without a thought, I began to climb down it grabbing onto exposed roots and rocks to get down safely. I noticed another guy had started down the cliff as I was about half way down. I finally reached the bottom and immediately took off towards the second mall which was in sight a few football fields away.

Coming up on the second mall I ran into the nearest entrance which was Sears. I began dodging and darting through the isles and shelves until I can to a big circular area with a button at the center. I ran up an pressed the button. A man walked out from behind a banner and told me I had won the race, a $200 prize and a keyboard from the shelf behind me! “Meet me at the register”  he said. I was surprised I had won. I told him I stopped at another mall on the way so someone else surly should have won. He informed me that people only knew about the race, when they knew. I did not ask any more questions, grabbed a keyboard, and met him at the cash register. He grabbed $200 cash out of the register handed it to me and I was on my way. I headed out of Sears and into the mall.

This mall was huge. It reminded me of the Mall of America. I went up to the top floor and found my friends sitting at a restaurant table. They greeted me and told me we needed to get moving. Water was pouring in from the ceiling, sparks were flying, and the water level was rising and at about half a foot at this point. I decided I needed to get my car from the last mall and told them I would be right back.

I took off out of the mall and remembered there was a shortcut back to the other mall. I was only misting out at this point but I still ran as fast as I could back to the other mall and my car. Once I got to my car, I speed out of the mall and made my way to the second mall. I remember hitting a few minor things on the way and my front and rear bumpers were pretty beaten up by the time I made it back to the second mall. I was now storming as bad as it was when everyone left the classroom. I drove right in the second mall which already had an opening into the main hallways on the first floor. I picked up a girl who needed a ride and told her I had to find my friends as well. The mall is now at about a foot of water and she was asking if I could still drive in the water. I told here I was going to get out of here no matter what but we first needed to pick up my friends. It was then that I looked over at here a noticed something horrifying.

She was bleeding out from what looked like a cut in the stomach area. She began grabbing and clinching her stomach and told me to find a bathroom. The water was still rising and a few people I was driving by had tried to hop on my car but they missed. I drove up a ramp to the second floor and found a bathroom. I made a hard stop right by the bathroom where some others had gathered. The others began to descend on my car immediate. I told here I was not going to be able to wait for her. She told me everything would be fine if she made it to the bathroom. I left her, threw my car in reverse, and began speeding backwards the same way I came. I drove around the mall and found my friends. They got in my car and we began speeding towards the exit.

I began down one of the arms of the mall. As I got closer to the end, I realized there was a closed sign on the store that used to be there and it was all boarded up. I told my friends to hand on, I was going to see what was on the first floor. The water was a few feet now and everyone is screaming for a way out. I drove the car right though on of the second story railing and we jumped down to the first floor.

We landed on the first floor in a few feet of water. I then reached up to press my garage door button. I was surprised to see a secret door open in the first floor wall. I drove right into it. It closed right behind us. We were now in a tunnel filled with about a foot of water. It was straight and about two car lengths in width. Everyone in the car was cheering and thinking we had made it out! I thought of the girl I left in the bathroom and wonder what happened to her. Then I woke up.

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