Get Users Facebook Pages | Instagram Graph API PHP SDK

To get an Facebook Page’s Instagram Business Account with the Instagram Graph API PHP SDK, you have to use the users access token and make a request to the pages endpoint on the Instagram graph API.

Get User Facebook Pages

use Instagram\User\User;

$config = array( // instantiation config params
    'access_token' => 'ACCESS_TOKEN',

// instantiate and get the users info
$user = new User( $config );

// get the users pages
$pages = $user->getUserPages();

And that is all you need to do! The Instagram Graph API PHP SDK takes care of all the heavy lifting for you! I know the Instagram Graph API can be a bit confusing and so I hope this makes dealing with it a bit easier! Well, that is going to do it for this post! Leave any comments/questions below and thanks for stopping by the blog!


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