Putting a Website Online


In this post we will be putting our website online for the world to see! In order to get our website online we need a domain and web hosting.

Step 1: Purchase Domain Name

Head over to godaddy.com and search for a domain name. If you find a domain name you like, and the name is available, proceed to checkout immediately as we only have minutes before it gets snatched up by someone else. Once you have purchased your domain, it will show up under My Products > Domains.

godaddy my products

Step 2: Purchase Web Hosting

Now that we have a domain name, we need a server to host our website. The web hosting server is where our website will live.  We will then point the domain we bought on godaddy to our web hosting server. There are many web hosting providers out there like hostgator, siteground, bluehost. I am going with hostgator since that is what I use but you can use which ever you prefer.  For a simple website, they all will work just fine.


Step 3: Point Domain to Web Hosting

After you purchase web hosting, login to the cpanel (control panel) and look for the two name servers. No matter what provider you go with they will always show you the name servers. Here are a few examples of what to look for in the cpanel.

Hostgator example

hostgator nameservers

Siteground example

siteground nameservers

Once you find the name servers in the cpanel, copy them, head back over to godaddy, and click on the DNS button for the domain purchased.

godaddy dns button

In the DNS Management section under Nameservers, update the two name servers with the name servers from the web hosting provider and click save. This tells the domain to serve up the website from our web hosting provider where our website will live.

nameserver entry

Step 4: Create a FTP User

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) user is required to transfer files to our web server. We can setup FTP users in out cpanel.

Find the FTP Accounts in the cpanel.

ftp cpanel

Fill out the Add FTP Account form and click Create. Now we have an FTP account we can use to access our web server and update files for our website.

ftp user

Step 5: Connecting to Our Web Server

Using the FTP account we created we can now access our web server. To do this, I am going to be using FileZilla, it can be downloaded here https://filezilla-project.org/.

Once FileZilla is installed, run it, and click on the “Open Site Manager” icon right in the top left corner.

fz site manager

In the pop  up, click on New Site, and enter the FTP account credentials we setup in Step 4.


Click connect and FileZilla will connect us to our web hosting server.  The bottom right container will display the files currently on the server. The public_html folder is where our website files need to be uploaded. Click on the public_html folder to open it.

public html

Once inside the public_html folder, drag and drop the website files from your computer into the public_html folder. FileZilla will begin uploading the files to the server and notify you when it has completed the transfer.

pub root

Step 6: Verify Our Site is Live

Open up a web browser and go to the purchased domain.

site in browser

Our site is now live for the world to see! Here is a quick recap of what we did in order to put our website online.

  1. Purchased a domain name.
  2. Purchased web hosting.
  3. Pointed our domain at our web hosting server using the provided name servers.
  4. Setup an FTP user so we can access our web server and update files.
  5. Used FileZilla with our FTP user to upload files directly to our web server.
  6. Entered our domain into a web browser and it is now live!



YouTube Video

Code on GitHub

That is going to do it for this post! Leave any comments/questions/concerns below and thanks for stopping by the blog!

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